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Recycling services

Plastic and aluminum

You can recycle your number 1 through number 7 plastic containers with us. We don't accept Styrofoam. You can also recycle aluminum cans, steel tin cans

and containers with our services.

Glass bottles

Don't just throw away glass bottles! Recycle your glass bottles and containers with our helpful services. Find out if recycling is available in your area by contacting us today, and do your part to give back.

Paper and cardboard

Reduce waste by recycling your old newspapers, corrugated cardboard, and boxboard materials. We also accept all kinds of mixed paper. Help keep our earth green by taking action today!

Non-recyclable materials

Plastic bags

Wax containers

Serving items

Plastic, paper, and Styrofoam serving utensils are not accepted.

Paper tissues

You can't recycle paper towels or toilet and facial tissues.

We don't recycle plastic bags or packaging materials.

You can't recycle paper drink containers that are coated in wax. We also don't accept food or any wet waste products.

Turn to our local business that proudly offers recycling services in select areas! Help the environment by getting our recycling bins at your home. If you're not sure what products can be recycled, learn more by reading below!

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