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Welcome To Tiger Sanitation

Tiger Sanitation is a locally owned and operated company. We pride ourselves on providing the very best service at competitive prices.

We are a full service company providing service for homes and businesses throughout Bexar and surrounding counties. We offer curbside collection for residential customers, commercial dumpster service for businesses and roll off service for larger businesses, construction/demolition projects no matter how large or small.

Our professional and dedicated sales staff and customer service representatives are waiting to assist you.

*Thank you for using our new payment system. Our customers will have to click on first time user to register and validate your account. If you should have problems validating your account, please contact the office at 210-333-4287. Thank you for using our system and being a customer.


  • Paying by check is not available online.
  • Internet Explorer version 11 (Newest version) NOT SUPPORTED! Please use IE10 or earlier, FireFox, Safari, or Chrome Browser.
  • Mobile Web Browsers may have issues with eTower. If you are having dificulties with eTower on a mobile device, please try accessing your account from a PC or Laptop with the above mentioned browsers.


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New Paper Check Handling Policy

When you provide a check as payment, you authorize us either to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account to process the payment as a check transaction. This information has also been added to our Residential Policies for future reference.
For inquiries about this change, please call 210-333-4287.

Email Changes Finalized

Please be aware that our email addresses look a little different. You will notice that all email correspondence from us will be from an email address ending in
"@tiger-tx.com". If you still have our old email addresses in your saved contacts, you may still send to us, however, all our replies will be from the new domain.

Residential Policies Update

Our Residential Policies have been updated. Please view our Residential Policies to see how these changes may affect you or your services.